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Spem in Alium with the Gesualdo 6 and The Giovanni Consort

posted 5 Jun 2020, 19:51 by Thomas Friberg   [ updated 5 Jun 2020, 20:10 ]
Friday 14th February 2020, Winthrop Hall

I first met Owain Park in Eton while on my first Eton Choral Choral course in the UK on 12th July 2008. We were in the same 'consort' group. Having sung with a couple of the members of the Gesualdo Six over a decade earlier in the Rudolfus choir and National youth choir of Great Britain, it was nice to see that they were following their passion for music and making it to an international touring level. It was great to see how far Owain had come from there. If felt like he had taken many of the best qualities of the directors I know we'd both worked with and rolled them in to his own brand of calm, professionalism and deep appreciation for the music he was creating with other people.

This spem was my favourite to date, singing with friends across three choirs. This was my 4th attempt at it (1st with Rodolfus, next with i Fagiolini, the Tallis Scholars and now with Gesualdo Six) and it was nice to 100% nail all of the tricky phrasing, notes and rhythms and have the confidence to listen while singing and experience the performance as a spectator as well as a singer.

I think this concert might be my last for a while. With things picking up at work, it feels like a full circle has been made and that it's time to focus a little more on my professional career and maybe also take that to an international touring standard.