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My first competition in quite a while

posted 14 Aug 2011, 04:42 by Thomas Friberg   [ updated 15 Aug 2011, 07:37 ]
Royal Schools Music Club competition
I've just been competing in the Royal Schools Music Club competition in cooperation with the Royal overseas league for young singers.

Having needed to get some more recital practice since my last real memory based performance back in 2007 at the end of TEE music, this little competition gave a good chance to sing a 12 minute program. I ended up winning second prize. Recordings from my performance are below:

Sebben, Crudele from Antoio Caldara’s 18th century opera is sung by a man whose wife has scorned him. He laments to her that however cruel she is, he will continue loving her in the hope that she may one day come back to him.
My second piece will be from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and in a similar vein, Figaro is left brooding with the suspicion that his wife may be meeting the Count behind his back. He continues to describe the vicious and deceptive qualities that make up a woman.
Wir Wandeltern by Brahms is a song depicting a couple walking along together without sight or sound but just the feeling of being supremely content: ‘A feeling that nothing else in the world could echo’.
In my final piece, George Butterworth creates a touching conversation in ‘Is my team ploughing’ between two old friends. The dead man asks questions of his living compatriot. He asks about the way of the living world and also of the fate of the love he left behind.