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Thomas is taking a break from singing

posted 5 Jun 2020, 20:03 by Thomas Friberg
This was a decision I made in November 2019, prior to COVID when I reached out to the WA opera company to decline contracts offered for 2020. It was a moment of commitment to a year of focus on my professional career in business performance consultancy.

It feels a little strange 6 months in, having not sung much apart from occasional Sunday services but it doesn't feel strange enough that I feel like I made a bad call on it. COVID-19 has made it a time to consider how to support my singer friends through the lull instead, not through singing but through honing that service of consultancy. With all opera company pretty much cancelling all contracts for this year, it feels like pretty serendipitous timing too. It's been fun in the last 6 months now to help the Giovanni Consort committee develop their strategy, to support with more flexible video production activities and to help uplift capability within the group rather than just performing from concert to concert. I like the feeling of building something and that is what I plan to commit myself to this year.

I'm not sure when I'll start singing more frequently again but I know I'm going to have to really want it. Maybe a yearning won't return, maybe I've had enough fun on stage to last a lifetime. We'll see in time and if I come back, it'd be fun to see how I might sound beyond the shower cubical murmurings that I will continue each day.