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Live Recordings

Below is a list of downloadable tracks which feature my voice. Please note that the recording quality may vary as well. Feel free to download, keep and listen to any of the tracks. They are in a .mp3 format and should play on any computer, MP3 player, iPod or smartphone.
Last updated 10/5/2015.


5 May 2017 - Choral Classics with St George's Cathedral

With 36 hours notice, I jumped in for this recording at the cathedral:
Charpentier: Te Deum, Dignare

10 May 2015 - Is my Team Ploughing - For a Funeral

My Grandmother passed away peacefully two Sundays ago in Sweden. That day I was singing Bach motets about death and rebirth with the Consort. Today at her funeral, the last piece of music and something of a contribution from our family here in Australia will be this special recording. As a strong woman, keen on music and with strong roots connecting to the old family farm, it seemed like a haunting and fitting song to record for the occasion.
Is my Team Ploughing by George Butterworth, accompanied by the brilliant Lochlan Brown

26 May 2013 - Rachmaninov: The Bells with UWACS

With a full orchestra of 90 and a choir of a 100 standing behind me, I was so lucky to be able to ride on top of the wonderful sound of the UWA orchestra and choral society. With this being the first time I'd had the chance to sing a symphony as a baritone soloist, I could revel in the dark and luscious harmonies of Rachmaninov. A very cool experience. Thanks UWACS!

5 September 2012 - Messiah

After a long time trying to re-develop technique for the future, this has been my first concert where the voice has sat where I've wanted it. This is my first Messiah as a soloist and for a first crack at it with a good audience and backing, I'm pretty pleased. While there are improvements to be made, I have a feeling there'll be plenty of chances in the coming years.

14 August 2011 - Royal Schools Music Club Competition

Having needed to get some more recital practice since my last real memory based performance back in 2007 at the end of TEE music, this little competition gave a good chance to sing a 12 minute program. I ended up winning second prize. Recordings from my performance are below:

Sebben, Crudele from Antoio Caldara’s 18th century opera is sung by a man whose wife has scorned him. He laments to her that however cruel she is, he will continue loving her in the hope that she may one day come back to him.
My second piece will be from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and in a similar vein, Figaro is left brooding with the suspicion that his wife may be meeting the Count behind his back. He continues to describe the vicious and deceptive qualities that make up a woman.
Wir Wandeltern by Brahms is a song depicting a couple walking along together without sight or sound but just the feeling of being supremely content: ‘A feeling that nothing else in the world could echo’.
In my final piece, George Butterworth creates a touching conversation in ‘Is my team ploughing’ between two old friends. The dead man asks questions of his living compatriot. He asks about the way of the living world and also of the fate of the love he left behind.

2 April 2011 - St John's Passion in Harpenden

This performance of Bach's St John Passion took place in St Nicholas Church in Harpenden  with the Lawes Baroque Players, directed by Terence Charlston, More details for the concert can be found here.

31 March 2011 - The Marriage of Figaro

With a large accompanying orchestra and difficult acoustic, the Kings College London Opera Society gave me the fantastic opportunity to sing the role of Figaro in their production of the Marriage of Figaro by Mozart.

2 March 2011 - Audition for Perth Undergraduate Choral Society Solo Roles

Mache Dich from St Mathew's Passion by Bach
This is a track recorded in an attempt to provide some sort of accompanied audition material for the Perth Undergraduate Choral Society (PUCS).
Given 15 minutes with a brilliant organist and a chapel after a Wednesday morning eucharist, this piece was dusted off after a year on the bookshelf. With 7 minutes of what resembled silence, following a tour of noisy new tertiary students right through the Kings College London chapel, this is the first full take of the piece. Singing with only one functioning ear and a rather blocked nose, there are a couple of problems that I would have liked to fix given some more time or a better week vocally but such were the constraints.

27 March 2010 - National Youth Choir of Australia

Libera Me (Unaccompanied) from Faure's Requiem
Libera Me from Faure's Requiem sung unaccompanied as part of an audition for an NYCA tour.
A two octave scale in F# major covering the Baritone range and a chromatic prepared exercise sung unaccompanied, sung unaccompanied.

In the Choir

2 July 2011 - Italy tour concert with the Kings College London Chapel Choir

This concert was one of three given on our tour to Milan and surrounding areas. At this concert the recorder was set directly behind the conductor David Trendell, giving fantastic stereo imaging but favouring the sound the sound of the front rows greatly. This building had a massive acoustic and despite such a close mic'd operation, you can still hear the tremendous sound behind the choir.

15 May 2011 - Sing Ye the Glorious Music with Laudibus

Water Night (Sample) by Eric Whitacre
My first concert with Laudibus and a whirlwind of learning over just 2 days before the concert. This was a tremendous experience to have with some terrific young singers from all around London and surrounding towns.

8 April 2011 - There is Sweet Music with the Rodolfus Choir

This performance with the Rodolfus Choir under the direction of Paul Brough took place in the Holy Trinity church of Guildford. More information can be found on the concert diary page.

18 February 2011 - A'Choired Taste

Above are recent recordings of a new barbershop group comprised of singers from the KCL choir. Going by the name of A'Choired Taste, we took some recordings of a couple of songs in our last rehearsal. I took lead for these two.

2 August 2010 - NYCGB Summer Course 2010 at Coventry Cathedral

These recordings are from the final performance of the National Youth Choir at Coventry Cathedral at the conclusion of the 2011 Summer course. I was lucky enough to be chosen to sing a solo part in the Pueblo Sunrise.

7 February 2010 - Morning Eucharist at St George's Cathedral

This anthem has two extended solo sections. The first is a tenor solo and the second, towards the end is the bass solo. I am the singer for this solo. This recording is made from a congregation member using an iPhone hence the sound quality is not very high (including a noisy sound of a ceiling fan).  

13 November 2009 - Dixit Dominus with the St George's Cathedral Consort

An excerpt from a concert by the St George's Cathedral Consort in their 2009 subscription series. From Handel's Dixit Dominus, this track features a bass solo. 
Excerpts from a concert by the St George's Cathedral Consort in their 2009 subscription series. From Purcell's Come ye Sons of Art, these tracks feature bass solos.